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If you get tempted to look for love from anyone, remember that God is love and He loves you without having to ask Him to.

If the urge to look for love from certain people still exists, ask yourself, “Would this person die for me like Jesus Christ died for me?”

If depression comes knocking on your door, remember to turn to Jesus.

If you risk becoming proud because of your achievements in this world, remember that achievements are like posts on an Instagram feed; people will scroll, see it, like it, congratulate you and then scroll on. Don’t get…

Please Understand why The Devil is a liar

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Before the temptation and fall of humanity, God created all kinds of pleasant and good trees in the garden of Eden. All the trees were for food, but only the two in the middle of the garden were highlighted: the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The only instruction that God gave about both trees was that if they ate of the latter tree, Adam and Eve would surely die. Otherwise, they could eat of any of the other trees.

Soon after that instruction, Satan, who also lived in Eden, showed up and…

20 lessons learnt from the unprecedented start to this decade.

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Dear 2020,

I loathe using the salutation “Dear”, so perhaps, I am using it now to low-key spite you. When you began, I had all sorts of ideas about what I would do, what I would achieve, where I would travel…you get the idea. However, I could never have imagined how you turned out. You were full of horrors, challenges, pain, close shaves and triumphs. Because of you, I drew closer to God. You gave me time to step back and reflect on all that was. You gave me time…

Why you can trust God.

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​All through the Bible, there are examples of decrees from kings that were honored, no matter the cost. If a king gave his word on a matter and he didn’t own up to it, his peers would regard him as unreliable. If he made a promise (and kings give extravagant promises), he had to own up to it. If he made a decree, whatever benefits or consequences that followed the decree were enforced, lest his subjects regard him as weak. …

Banished, not Expelled

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Family drama tends to bring out the unpleasant in us and it was no different for the great King David in the Bible. Before he was ruler of all Israel, he was ruler of Judah; a big territory in the nation of Israel. While he ruled over Judah, he lived in Hebron and in that time, he had six wives who had each borne him a son. For this article, I also introduce you to his first born son, Amnon and his third born son, Absalom.

After some time, the royal family got a new addition: Absalom’s…

A Godly alternative to “fake it till you make it!”

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Walks please me because as the peace and wind wash over me, I get to observe my surroundings and people. Whenever I pass by people, I ask questions like, “what is their life story? Are they okay right now? What are they up to? Are they running to something or from something?”

Last Sunday morning, I alighted at the usual bus stop to walk for fifteen minutes to church. I began striding and a few paces ahead, I saw a group of three gentlemen. One sat on a street bench…

Boldly taking that first step…no matter what!

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Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.-Zechariah 4:10(NLT)

That scripture comes from a time in the Bible when God tasked a man named Zerubbabel, the governor of Judah to round up his fellow Israelites and rebuild the Temple and their beloved city Jerusalem. He had just laid the foundation of the Temple but was frustrated because of heavy opposition. Years before him, King Solomon built a Temple so majestic that Israel was the crown jewel of the…

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